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Friday, October 26, 2012

Digital Celluloid: Dead Island Riptide Update

It's been an information filled Halloween season so far with no letting up it seems. Now we have new news on what they are planing mechanics wise and it sounds like a great addition. Read on for details...

Sebastian Reichert, Deep Silver’s creative Producer, sat down with VG247 2 and a little more insight as to whats in store. 

“… the request from the fans after the success of Dead Island was very clear – they want more and they want it now! However, creating a whole new setting will take a lot of time. So the question shifted to ‘do we have enough ideas in the same setting to offer another great experience, or do we have to shift the setting to deliver a full experience?’ Dead Island: Riptide is the answer to that. We changed the setting partially, built in new features fitting to this different environment and now we make sure the experience rocks again.”

“There will be a new character, and yes we have a lot of ideas as mentioned before. There will be whole lot more to do. One small example would be that the game now tracks which weapons you use and mirrors that in your proficiency with those weapons.”

Really loving the idea of gaining proficiency with the weapons we actually use rather than across the board.

Can't wait to get my hands on this.

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